Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spotlight On...Brad Renfro

Continuing the trend of teen Girl Porn Syndrom, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at the career of my first teen crush, Brad Renfro.

Did you know?

Brad appeared in a commercial for Resident Evil 2 which was directed by George A. Romero. The 30 second spot is more entertaining than every Resident Evil movie.

Brad also appeared in an alternate music video for The Rolling Stone's Gimme Shelter.

Brad wrote and starred in a short film called Meter Man; which was cowritten and directed by Roger Bourdeau. Actor James Franco carved Brad Renfro's name onto his arm as part of a live art piece. No clue what motivated this or why the billboard for it is an advertisement for Gucci but it happened.

I don't even...

I can't top that so I'm leaving it here. Thanks for stopping by the Wastelands again. I'm Blinvy and I recommend you check out some of Brad Renfro's movies.


Friday, 10 February 2012

A Walk to Remember

This schlocky flick based on a book by Nicholas Sparks once fed into my teenage girl fantasies. Lets take a look at why.

Since I embarrassed myself with my horrible teenaged tastes, perhaps you'd like to share your own shame or continue to look down on my teenaged self for falling for such cheap manipulation. It's ok, I look down on myself sometimes. If you're curious, check out A Walk to Remember for yourselves.