Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Roswell Season 1

Hello and welcome once again to my Teenage Wasteland. This week, I'm taking a quick look at one of my guilty pleasure teen shows. While I did watch this back when I was a teenager, I have only seen the first season because this was pulled from the only channel that I had that played it. I do plan on watching and reviewing the other two seasons but it may take some time to put together. Until then, enjoy my review of season 1 and bear in mind, there are some major spoilers so if you haven't seen Roswell and don't want to be spoiled, avoid this until after you've seen it.


  1. Hey, I tried to watch Roswell, too!

    But it was years later, and by then, I could only see that guy as Billy Fordham and he SO deserved to be staked. :-\

    1. Haha, yeah I know. It's all I can see now. I kept expecting Buffy to come in and kick his ass.