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Dawson's Creek - 102 - Dance

Original air date: January 27, 1998

Last time on Dawson's Creek, Dawson gets a crush on girl next door, Jen, Joey acts like a bitch because she secretly likes Dawson, Pacey gets kissed by his school teacher Ms. Jacobs, Dawson's Mom is having an affair, despite being married to "Mr. Man Meat" and Dawson masturbates to Katie Couric in the morning.

I'm never going to get tired of this picture. Never

Riveting stuff. The drama continues as Dawson and Joey review footage of Dawson's awesome film. Joey laments having to kiss Pacey because he's so "unkissworthy" Oh Joey, you will eat those words eventually. Mark my words. Dawson tells her she has to because he's trying to make a love story to which Joey retorts that he's making a horror movie and that Dawson should kiss him. Well that would definitely make for a more interesting story but Dawson refuses, saying that his lips are reserved for someone else.

If she's so grossed out, I'll volunteer to kiss him.

Being the ever present bitch where Jen is concerned, Joey starts putting it in Dawson's head that he should kiss her soon because she's from New York and they move fast there. Dawson is unfazed and says "There is no need to rush fate."

Dawson: Joey, you heard her yourself. Through her own admittance, she's a self-proclaimed virgin.
Joey: For another second!
Dawson: Jen happens to be a bright, intelligent young woman who clearly is in charge of her own body.

You remember what you said there, Dawson. She is in charge of her own body. Just putting that out there. Anyway, Joey tells Dawson that she's not talking leather straps and Crisco, just a kiss; which Dawson ignores for a second by claiming that Joey should kiss Pacey because she has kissable lips. Then he shows her that he means the creepy fake Joey head he's been working on which looks like it could be a sex doll head minus the open mouth:

Look at that thing and tell me it's not a sex doll head.

Then, Dawson snaps out of it and comes out with "Explain to me the Crisco." *drum beat* Cue theme song!

Back at Capeside High, everyone is preparing for the school dance while Dawson attempts to con his way into Mr. Gold's film class. He uses the excuse of Study Hall being crammed and the Principal saying it would be ok to sit in on Mr. Gold's fifth period class, which is film class. For some reason, Mr. Gold agrees even though his class is full too so I fail to see how this was a solution to Dawson's problem. I guess it's ok because he's not actually a part of the class and therefore won't be an extra paper/project to grade but I digress. Dawson got into the class, basically.

Meanwhile, in statutory rape class...

Pacey awaits Ms. Jacobs' arrival by sitting at her desk. He confronts her about their kiss. In front of a classroom that is filling with students. Even going so far as to say "your tongue was in my mouth. You're not being fair" before leaving sulkily. I'm sorry but if I was a bored teenager and I saw a teacher and student having a heated discussion by her desk, I'm eavesdropping. And you better bet I would overhear that part and that I would be telling my friends about it. You would do it to, don't deny it. Somehow this goes unnoticed though and Ms. Jacobs starts her class.

Uhhh, guys? I can hear everything you're saying.

Lunchtime comes around and Dawson laments the fact that his film class will not be able to help out with his awesomely superior film and tells Joey she better kiss Pacey. She protests some more and Pacey tells her to get over herself because he's not "engorged" with the idea either. Then, Dawson gets a revelation. He's going to kill Joey off sooner a la Janet Leigh in Psycho so that she doesn't have to do the kiss. Do you know what this means? The clip of Psycho shown in the last episode was FORESHADOWING!


Dawson explains that they'll kill Joey off, bring in Jen as the cousin from New York and Bob's your uncle. Jen protests a bit because he never fucking asked her if she wanted to be in the movie but he steamrolls over her saying it will be perfect. Joey is mighty pleased with this development, especially when Dawson says that she'll get to work behind the camera with him "where she belongs" Cue smug look at Jen:

I win.

Ms. Jacobs continues to give hints to Pacey to back off during class as they are discussing Wuthering Heights. She says that "the reality is, that Heathcliff and Catherine never belonged together. They never should have been together. Catherine was essentially a mess, Heathcliff was basically a decent guy who had a lot to learn about life and was inherently better off without some whimpering, mentally unstable wet rag following him around."

Mentally unstable wet rag pictured here^

The class stares at her in shock as if this is a dark and unheard of view on the story but it's totally true. Wuthering Heights is not romantic. It is the story of two people who were so utterly wrong for each other that they destroyed both themselves and other people around them. I thought Twilight was to blame for everyone thinking Wuthering Heights is super romantic but apparently, people have always been this blinded, like how most people forget that Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy.

My teen views on romance have been crushed.

Meanwhile, in film class, Dawson learns he has some competition in the film festival and in love with the introduction of high school football star, Cliff.

I have no idea what I'm doing here.

Cliff wants to make a movie about a football player who defies all odds and wins his school the football championship which sounds an awful lot like Abe's film in Clone High:

Minus the giraffe...and the spaceship.

Since Dawson is the epitome of meaningful filmmaking, he is of course against this and looks down his nose at their "pedestrian" sports film. This coming from the kid who is making a pedestrian creature feature, do I need to introduce you to the kettle, Dawson? I also don't get how he views them as competition while at the same time saying their film will be shit anyways.

Pffft, sports movies are so pedestrian, why can't they
make art like me and my horror movie?

To make matters worse, Cliff totally macks on Jen in front of Dawson.

What's up with Cliff stealing Jen away from you?
You should drown his ass in the creek and shit.

Dawson wants to start work on his film again and asks his father for the camera. After Mr. Man Meat spells out to his son that he used the camcorder to film himself and his mother having sex, Dawson takes this opportunity to ask his dad for advice on kissing. What ensues was the most awkward thing I've ever had to watch, where Mr. Man Meat tells Dawson to practice kissing the Joey sex doll head

I wish you were a real girl.

while he watches with way too much enthusiasm

I can't wait to show him how to fuck.

and Joey watches from the balcony while pretending Dawson is actually kissing her.

Oh Dawson, I want to be your sex doll.

Joey then catches Dawson's mom in the closet, whispering on the phone. Joey mentions that she is there to see Dawson. His mom thinks she's gotten away with it but then Joey throws down that she knows before leaving.

Mrs. Leary? You're a greedy skank.

I like Joey in that moment. Fuck you, Mrs. Leary. You've got Mr. Man Meat who is still all over you and reminisces about first kisses and romance when, let's face it, the average guy can barely remember a wedding anniversary and you cheat on him? You are a selfish bitch.

Oh shit.

Moving on to filming, Joey's sex doll head gets killed off in an incredibly fake way but it's realistic for a grade 10 student's production so points for realism. Joey goes to get out of her now bloodied clothes and Jen goes over to help her out. Jen compliments Joey on her body and like a total teenager, Joey complains that she's too tall. So Jen tries to bond by letting Joey in on the secret that everyone is self conscious about their bodies.

The begining of Jen/Joey slash fiction?
Jen: No, you're not at all. You're commanding. Hey, come on, I wish I had your stature and your long legs. My body's a mess. I'm too short, my hips do this weird thing and my face is shaped like a duck. Oh, and I hate my breasts.
Joey is shocked that evil bitch Jen has insecurities just like her and actually pays her a compliment by saying that she doesn't look like a duck. Jen tells her that it's the nicest thing Joey has said to her since they met and Joey looks almost upset with herself that she paid an evil blonde a compliment. Then Jen tells Joey that she plans to make it hard for her not to like her. Dawson gets jealous when Pacey gets too enthusiastic with his kiss with Jen. Dawson acts like a cry baby and cuts the kiss from the movie because he knows he will never kiss Jen better than Pacey just did.

Pacey's got the mad mack skills. Deal with it, Dawson.

They wrap for the day and Dawson tells Jen that he got a bunch of dance themed movies for them to watch together in lieu of actually going to the school dance. Jen declines his thrilling offer, saying that she's actually going to go to the dance, with Cliff. Dawson is hurt and Jen tries to make him feel better by telling him to drop by so that they can dance together but Dawson says that he "has a date with Travolta. I wouldn't want to disappoint him." which is possibly the most panty drying sentence ever uttered.

Dawson then whines to Joey about the fact that Jen is at the dance with Cliff and I do sympathize with her in this scene because if I had to listen to my friend whine about something so stupid, my head would explode. Plus, she totally zings him during his whine session which is something I would do.
Dawson: I don't get it! I don't get it, what did he do that I didn't do?   Joey: He asked her out!


It's true though, he never asked her out. He doesn't have a claim on her because he talked to her first. He actually has to ask her out. He decides to rectify the situation by crashing the dance and persuades Joey to go with him for support.

Mrs. Leary is heading out for some extra-marital lovin' and Joey tries to convince her to not go by lecturing at her and what she is saying is so true and so mature about actions affecting other people that it is weird seeing a "teen" preach this to an adult. Dawson is still in the dark about it and they head off to the dance while Mrs. Leary is left to think about her life choices.

I just got lectured by a teenager. Could I sink any lower?

Cut to the dance and oh my god, it is the most 90s sounding dance ever and takes me right back to my school's gym dances. To get you in the mood for this dance I will link you to the song that plays throughout the scene and most of 1998:

Just bask in the 90s glow.

At the dance, Jen and Cliff seem to be hitting it off while Pacey finds Ms. Jacobs who is chaperoning. That's a good idea, Pacey, hit on your teacher at a crowded school dance in full view of all of your classmates and any other staff members that might be chaperones. Smooth, no one will suspect a thing in a small town where people notice every move their neighbours make.

Dawson and Joey arrive and they pretend to dance together by actually dancing together while Dawson looks for Jen. They have an almost moment when Jen pops up and they have an awkward conversation where Dawson gets officially introduced to Cliff.

It's awkward.

Dawson then ditches Joey to go after Jen. Jen asks Dawson if he'd like to dance and instead of saying yes, Dawson has to fuck it up by making a big deal about Jen being Cliff's date so Jen gets away from him by going into the girl's room.

Joey tries to convince Dawson to leave but he doesn't feel like he's made a big enough ass out of himself yet. He strides up to Jen and Cliff and tries to piss on what he deems rightfully his. Jen rightfully ditches both guys, leaving Dawson to wonder where he went wrong.

You went wrong.

Meanwhile, at the Leary household, Mrs. Leary walks in with a doggie bag, so she obviously went to her dinner thingy. They have a conversation where she feigns ignorance to their first kiss while really remembering it and planting a kiss on him. Pretty ballsy considering she just got ploughed by her lover, I imagine.

Stay classy, Mrs. Leary

As Pacey, Joey and Dawson walk home, Pacey spots Ms. Jacobs and walks over to her. He confronts her once again in the same place he confronted her last episode because she thought it would be "appropriate." Lady, you and appropriate parted ways the minute you pounced on an underage student. She tries to do the right thing but apparently the writers are painting them as this great forbidden love because Pacey prattles on about being super mature and shit and that he "kissed back" and doesn't regret it. She still tries to do the right thing but they eventually kiss again.

Drama will ensue. Mark my words.

Dawson and Joey vow never to go out again because one evening went wrong which sounds like the right amount of melodrama for the average teen. Dawson tells Joey to chain him to the bed if he ever thinks about doing something so stupid again and Joey asks if she can use the leather straps.

Not until you explain the Crisco.

He then sees Jen walking by the pier and he decides that he might as well completely destroy his evening by going to talk to her again.

Jen tells Dawson that she's angry with him and asks him what he wants from her. Dawson complains to her that he feels like he's being friend-zoned and that he'll be the one she tells about her boy adventures and "I want to be your boy adventure." which is kind of a creepy thing to say. I don't know why but it is. She asks him if he could be both and my heart kind of breaks for her because she looks like she could use a friend. Dawson rejects this saying that being friends and lovers doesn't work at fifteen. Maybe he's right, teens are kind of black and white on the love/friendship thing but he really shouldn't be right.

Come ooooonnnn! I want to be your boy adventure!

She agrees to take him up on the offer for an adventure but denies him the kiss he wants because she explains to him that she was growing up too fast in New York and how she feels like she can finally slow down in Capeside. Once again, my heart breaks because she is trying to tell him about her past and how she is not this perfect thing he has built her up to be but Dawson is not listening.

Jen asks Dawson if he wants to dance because she's wanted to dance with him all night and he smartens up and agrees. They dance until the credits fade in.



I love how this show is so teen oriented that the second episode features a big school dance. Teens love their school dances, amiright? Not much has progressed yet, but it is only the second episode. I'd say the one plotline that has truly progressed is that Dawson and Jen are sort of, kind of dating. Other than that, we still have Mrs. Leary cheating and Ms. Jacobs is still running hot and cold with Pacey when she should be only running cool...

as iccccce!

Things I liked:

1) Joey is a lot more likeable in this episode so she has that going for her. She's not afraid to speak her mind and I respect her for that.
2) Jen's back story is hinted at in this episode.

Things I disliked:

1) Dawson. He's so arrogant and stuck up about his movie. He's also completely self-absorbed so that he acknowledges neither Jen's nor Joey's feelings. 
2) Mrs. Leary is a great big B. I can see where Dawson gets his self-absorbtion from. She's so focused on herself that she can't see what a great home life she has even after a teenager pointed it out to her. Congrats, Mrs. Leary, you have less regard and empathy for the ones you love than a teenager does.
3) I still dislike Pacey/Ms. Jacobs and Pacey claiming he is down with it is not helping things because it still falls to the adult to be the adult and say that it is wrong. She just met the kid, she doesn't know him that well, so really from what we know, she really is just using him to make herself feel better about growing older. She is a creepy cougar.

That's it for this week, stay tuned for more awesome drama when we return with the next episode, Kiss.

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Dawson's Creek - 101 - Pilot

Original air date: January 20, 1998

Hey Internet, today we are taking an in depth look at one of my many teen obsessions, Dawson’s Creek. Back when it aired on tv, it was lauded for its smart talking, sensitive teen protagonists and criticized for its shocking and steamy subject matter. By today’s standards, I’m sure it’s going to be pretty light fare for most of you but these were innocent times, these were the late 90s.

The millennium had not yet reared its unimpressive head, the internet was all dial-up and made that awful screechy sound:

Yeah, that's the sound we had to listen to before we could access the internet. 
Every. Single. Time.

and most importantly, the world was introduced to the likes of James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams. The 90s version of the fab four but for tv instead of music. That’s a thing, maybe.

Pacey, Joey, Dawson and Jen. In all their glory.

For those of you who were living in a rock during the late 90s or possibly weren’t born yet or old enough to remember, Dawson’s Creek was the story of a small town boy who dreams of becoming a film director and also love triangles and oodles of drama. That and that song which, to this day, I still picture the opening credits of this show to when I hear it on the radio. With that in mind, it’s time we delve into the pilot episode and find out what hooked a generation of teens.

The episode begins with the titular Dawson watching a movie with his best friend, Joey but shock, horror, Joey is a girl! Anyways, they are watching E.T. and actually trying to say that it deserved an Oscar over Ghandi. Now I, personally, have never seen Ghandi but I’m going to bet it deserved the Oscar it won over a film that greatly traumatized me as a child.

E...T...wants to steal your fucking soul!

Stupid E.T. Anyways, Dawson wants Joey to spend the night as usual because it's Saturday and she's stayed over every Saturday since she was 7. Joey points out that it's innappropriate for her to stay over since she's now got lovely lady bumps on her back and on her front and he's got a bigger dick now. Well she assumes he does because of his big fingers. Dawson laughs it off and convinces her to stay but is now totally weirded out.

Why did you have to bring this up anyway?

Cue cutesy theme song! It's after this that we learn that on top of being obsessed with Stephen Spielberg movies, Dawson also makes them with the help of Joey and his other friend, my teen crush, Pacey. Pacey is obviously the oddball because he's goofing around and having a good time which for some reason pisses everyone off. These teens need to lighten up a bit. Suddenly music cues the arrival of sexy new student, Jennifer Lindley.

Watch out, Joey. She's blonde and is wearing a dress.

Joey is not pleased at all. She immediately acts like a bitch because Jen is stealing attention away from her fabulousness and Joey ain't having none of that.

I will destroy your life, Jen!

After we are introduced to the fab four themselves, we now get introduced to Dawson's parents who are so hopelessly in love that they make out in the middle of their living room for their son and his friend to see.

It's ok, son. I was just rocking your mother's world. Like a boss.

This makes Dawson react badly and honestly, I can't blame him because I almost made this same face when I heard his mom call his dad "Mr. Man Meat" in front of her son and her son's friend. What the fuck, Dawson's mom?

I like how Pacey is thinking "Awesome!" while Dawson is mortified.

We then get introduced to Joey's family, her sister and her sister's *gasp* black boyfriend. An interracial couple on tv and they're pregnant out of wedlock?

I think she finds more than just his cooking orgasmic.

This is unheard of! She must be trailer trash. Hey, don't blame me, the late 90s implied it. It is revealed that Dawson and Pacey work at a video rental store. What's that? Oh well, way back when, people used to watch movies at home using these things called video tapes that they'd put into these large boxes called VCRs. If people wanted to watch new movies they had to actually go out to these stores and rent them.

Our jobs are now obsolete.

It's here that we are introduced to the bitch character to probably make Joey seem less bitchy in comparison.

Her name is Nelly.

Nelly? Seriously? You couldn't think of a name more obvious for the small town bitch? Alright, well since I barely remember this character, I'm going to ask you to picture her as this Nelly:

So would this make Joey Half-Pint?

We are also introduced to the eventual Mrs. Robinson who Pacey drools over while she actually rents the Graduate. FORESHADOWING! Pacey is convinced she was flirting with him and so am I. Dawson thinks she was laughing at him which leads me to think that Dawson is really not that bright.

What this old thing? I just threw it on to rent a movie.

Later on, Dawson sees Jen sitting on a dock and so he invites her into his room which is basically a shrine to Stephen Spielberg and this somehow doesn't scare her off. Joey eavesdrops outside his window and looks sad because Dawson is spending time with a girl other than her. Once Jen leaves, Joey finally climbs through his window. Dawson immediately asks her to watch his mom on the news which he has actually video taped. Kind of creepy. He then asks Joey if she thinks his mom is having an affair. Why? Because she says "Back to you, Bob." but with like, a soft 'b' or something. Joey tells him he's crazy and I once again have to agree as he obsessively rewinds and watches that clip of his mother over and over again.

Just saying.

Jen's Gram, is making her breakfast and warning her to stay away from Dawson and Joey. She disapproves of the way Joey climbs into Dawson's window at night and calls them the "wrong element". She then gets on Jen's case for not saying Grace at breakfast. So Jen, flat out tells her Grams that she's an atheist and I immediately love Jen. Now that we know our characters, it's time for the first day of high school.

Jen is approached by Nelly Olson. I'm not even kidding, by the way. This is the characters actual name, the show even points out the obvious joke as she explains her mother loved Little House on the Prairie. I guess her mother really wanted her daughter to be the town bully. She offers Jen an invite to a party but Jen says that she doesn't party with booze or drugs and Nelly insults Jen by saying they should call her Nelly instead. Except Nelly wasn't the goody two shoes of the show. The correct come back would have been "I guess we should call you Laura Ingalls then?"

I think I know too much about Little House on the Prairie.

Pacey finds out that Mrs. Robinson is actually his teacher, Mrs. Jacobs and he is shocked while Joey continues to act like a bitch to Jen by hiding from her as she walks into her Biology class.

Oh my god, someone actually wants to be nice to me.

Dawson, meanwhile tries to beg his way into film class. He tries to impress him with his film knowledge and his passion for movies but he insults the teacher's rule about priority going to upper classmen so the teacher wipes the smug grin off of Dawson's face by denying him admittance into his class. That'll teach you to have dreams, Dawson.

 Jen meanwhile, is still trying to get Joey to be friends with her. She's perfectly nice to Joey but Joey is nothing but snark. God, Jen, can't you see that Joey only wants guy friends? Girls are icky! Jen asks why her Grams would rag on her and Joey gives a snippy exposition dump about her father being in jail for conspiracy to traffic marijuana and that her mother died of cancer which is why she lives with her sister and her black boyfriend. She then snaps that Dawson likes Jen and warns that Jen better not abuse his feelings. And here is my issue with Joey, well one of them. We barely know Jen, she barely knows Jen. So why does she automatically assume that she's an awful evil bitch and why should we feel the same way about her. I ask this because it was obvious that we were supposed to root for Joey, as many girls did, but I just never understood this. Jen has seemed perfectly nice while Joey is a complete bitch.

Her niceness is giving me a headache.

Why are we supposed to sympathize with her? Because she's poor and misunderstood? Because she's brunette and Jen is a blonde and therefore, evil? No, I don't think so, I'm not buying it.

I swear to God, I will fucking knife you in the back
if you keep getting along with my man!

Pacey approaches his teacher crush and tries to flirt with her again by suggesting she next watch the Summer of '42 which is another movie about an older woman who seduces a young boy. She says she's busy seeing a new movie at the Rialto, the town's movie theatre to see a new movie. Pacey decides his best course of action is to stalk her and asks Dawson to go to the movies with him. He does this by convincing Dawson to take Jen. Dawson then asks Joey to go with Pacey so that Jen won't feel uncomfortable going to the movies with two guys but it's probably so that she knows she's going on a date with him instead of Pacey.

 Grams agrees to let Jen go to the movies with the "wrong element" but she expects Jen to go to church with her on Sunday. That crafty bitch. Jen counters that she'll go to church when Grams says the word penis.

Point, Jen.

Dawson goes down in history as the only non-horny teen in existence by complaining that everyone is too focused on sex to his father. He spouts off that Spielberg has never had a sex scene in one of his movies so sex can't be that great and we all know that Spielberg's word is law.

Did you know that Spielberg died for our sins? True story.

He then also defies teen convention by telling his father that he will be home early.

What Homer said.

Joey's sister teaches her how to put make up on and it's a pretty sweet scene. Then Joey ruins it by turning into a bitch after Jen compliments her. Seriously.

 Jen: Hey Joey, I love your lipstick. What shade is that?
Joey: Wicked Red. I love your hair colour, what number is that? 

 So it is the blonde that she hates. Bitch. I'm not even blonde and I'm annoyed with her. You're giving us brunettes a bad name, Joey. For shame. Oh and she delightfully goes on to ask Jen if she's a virgin because "Dawson is a virgin and two virgin make for an awkward first encounter, don't you think?" Fuck. You. Joey. Way to go out of your way to be a bitch to the new girl and humiliate your supposed best friend in the process. And you know what? Through all of that, Jen still tries to be polite to Joey. In this respect, one of my opinions, so far, remains unchanged. Jen >>>>>>>>>>>> Joey

But you have to deal with it.

After Joey makes another rude comment, Dawson drags her out to the lobby to talk to her. 

Meanwhile, Pacey goes to sit next to Mrs. Jacobs so that he can continue to flirt with her. This time, Mrs. Jacobs seems to actually not want to flirt with Pacey. She has a date with a man named Benji. She claims that she was just renting a movie which causes Pacey to spill popcorn over some guy who then decks him.

 Dawson asks Joey why she is being such a bitch and she claims it's because ever since "Little Miss Highlights" showed up, Dawson doesn't talk to her. Which is bullshit, because he did talk to her, even confided in her about his worries about his mother having an affair. Dawson calls her out on it. Joey throws a bitch fit and trashes Dawson for living in a fairytale. I love that she is the one acting childish and immature and yet she thinks he is the one who needs to grow up.

Hey Potter, meet kettle.

Needless to say, the night was not pleasant for anyone. Yet Jen still likes Dawson because she thinks he's sweet. Pacey walks home miserably and runs into Mrs. Jacobs who wants to talk to him to clear the air. Pacey says he understands her perfectly, that she was just flirting with him to make herself feel better about being older and he's pretty fucking cruel about it. I did not really like Pacey in this episode, I thought he was cute but I didn't like him much. Although he does say probably the funniest line in the whole episode:

You blew it, Lady, cuz I'm the best sex you'll never have!

Excuse me, I think I peed a little from laughing so hard. He just says it with such pure conviction that it makes it even more funny. Somehow, his insults and that line serve only to soak Mrs. Jacobs' panties as she then begins to make out with him. It's ok, she says he's not a boy. Thus begins the squickiest storyline this show ever produced.

I think I'm going to need this.

Dawson finds Joey in his closet and somehow, he ends up apologizing. She was the one who was the complete bitch all night, why does he have to apologize? Fuck. You. Joey. Joey says that they can't be friends anymore because they can't talk to each other about everything. Dawson says that he can tell her everything so she asks him how many times he "walks his dog" in a day and what time of the day he does so. He can't answer and neither would I. What the fuck, Joey? Why is this your basis for your friendship with him? I don't know this about my female friends so why should I expect my male friends to tell me this to make sure we're friends? I'm not a prude but there are some things, I personally, don't need to know about my friends.


Joey is crushed that he won't tell her his masturbatory habits and runs away crying. Dawson feels guilty and yells out to her that he usually whacks one out in the morning to Katie Couric.

He does what when I read the news?

Joey laughs as she rides away in her row boat. Because they live by a creek. Get it? On her way home she spots Dawson's mom kissing another man. Dun, dun, DUN! Thus endeth the episode.

So that was our very first trip back to the Creek and I have to say it brings back so many nostalgic memories and oh my gosh the cast looks so young and so different than they do now.

 Things that still bug me:

 1) Joey being a bitch but everyone apologizing to her.

 2) Pacey's affair with the teacher. Maybe this makes me a prude but it's gross and makes me feel uncomfortable and I can see why it might have made parents uncomfortable back then too in light of that other teacher who seduced a young boy. Not to mention that I remember being crushed that the character I had a crush on wanted to be with an older girl. As a self-conscious teen I basically thought, well if older and more experienced girls are what guys go for, I have absolutely no shot. Oh, young Blinvy, you were so cute and so pathetically driven by what you saw on tv.

 3) Grams' strict attitude and coldness towards Jen. I actually didn't like her as a teen. As an adult and knowing how the show goes, I understand her a bit more here but I like her better when she's softened up a bit.

 4) Nelly. I don't know if this counts because I don't know how I felt towards her when I first watched because I remembered nothing about her so she bugs me based on the fact that I doubt she offered anything to the show for me to forget her so completely like that.

 Things I still like:

 1) Jen! She's just awesome and I still sympathized with her.

 2) The 90-ness of it all. This show is like a time-capsule of my teen years. The styles people were wearing, the hair, the music. It's just really neat to watch it again after so long and feel like I am stepping right back into the past.

 3) Remembering my Pacey crush.

That's it for this time, stay tuned for the next episode, Dance. Until next time, I'm Blinvy and thank you for joining me in my Teenage Wasteland.