Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dawson's Creek - Rip off/homage special

So, it just clicked in to me today that last season, Dawson's Creek totally ripped off a scene from an 80s classic. Well, I guess they "paid homage" as they so often do. Remember when it was Dawson's birthday and he got drunk and acted like a douche? Yeah, I know, he always acts like a douche but this time he tortured us with his version of the blues:

Horrible, just horrible. Well, guess what that scene was totally ripping off or, paying homage to, if you want to be nicer about it? Well, it just so happens that I recently re watched one of my childhood favourite movies, Adventures in Babysitting with that Dawson's Creek episode fresh in my mind when it finally clicked. Watch this scene and the song and tell me that Dawson singing the blues was not inspired by this:

I mean, the nervous start, building up to getting more into it, the crowd eating it up? They kind of play out the same pretty much except that Chris was forced into doing it, was not drunk, and was actually pretty good whereas, Dawson and Andie completely blew chunks probably because they were drunk. I mean, which was more believable for the crowd to actually like? It certainly wasn't Dawson and Andie's version because seriously,

But the Adventures in Babysitting scene is pretty fun and catchy and remains a childhood favourite to this day. I have no proof that Dawson's Creek was thinking of the scene while making Dawson and Andie embarrass themselves but given the history of the show borrowing things from popular culture, I think it's a pretty safe bet.


  1. I don't think you're wrong at all - the parallels are too strong. Except, of course, it's infinitely superior because Adventures in Babysitting is amazing.

    1. Right? I freaking adore Adventures in Babysitting.