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Dawson's Creek - 316 - To Green, With Love

Original air date: February 16, 2000

So, this episode is kind of a chore for me to get through. It's ok, there is nothing really wrong with it, it's just that it's kind of sandwiched between some Pacephine heavy episodes and acts as a blocker, delaying my sweet, sweet gratification. Also, it's kind of some bullshit but, we'll get into that later because said bullshit is a bit spoilery. Onto the recap!

We start the episode with a rousing PTA meeting where the town of Capeside basically rallies against Principal Green for being black too harsh on Matt Caulfield. But, come on, we all know that they dislike Green because he's black and an outsider. The town of Capeside is just full of the worst people in existence and it is completely white. Mr. Caulfield (Matt's dad) is trying to paint Mr. Green as a tyrant but one woman in the town has it right and calls Mr. Caulfield out for being a shitty parent who raised a brat son. Joey tries to stand up for Principal Green but Mr. Caulfield basically tells her that her opinion is not valid because her family is not "traditional" with good Christian values or something. I hate this character, just FYI in case it's not super obvious.

After the credits, we cut to outside the PTA meeting where Gail bumps into the hot new news reporter who is covering the story. The hot girl is catty to Gail and basically calls her washed up. Gail is not amused but tries to remain civil, asking what her story is. The hot girl is going for the Principal is whacko story, to no one's surprise.

Gail is even less amused

Joey and Pacey are walking together (because LOVE!!) and talking about the meeting. Joey complains that they don't get a say and that most people who do get a say are usually too lazy to do anything about it. Pacey encourages Joey to try to rally the troops and get Principal Green his job back.

Later, Joey is talking on the phone to AJ (he's still a thing, apparently) and he tells her basically the same thing that Pacey does but Pacey is way better. Bessie comes in and says that Joey needs to see something. Joey looks at the tv where hot girl reporter is basically painting Principal Green as whacko.

We see Dawson, Kendra and Principal Green, Pacey, and Gail watching the same thing. Then we cut back to Joey just as Hot Girl claims that Joey said the whole thing was ridiculous and was blown out of proportion, in regards to Matt's punishment, not the town's indictment of Principal Green. Joey is completely horrified and angry which prompts her to agree to stand up for the cause.

The next day, she is putting up posters for a meeting she wants to hold. Pacey comes up to her and is excited that she took his advice and offers to help. Joey says it wasn't his or her idea, it was AJ's. Cue AJ appearing to harsh my Pacephine buzz because he's the worst. Can he go now? Ugh! Anyway, Joey introduces Pacey to AJ and AJ makes a comment about Pacey's name being weird which true (I'd never heard the name before or since this show) but rude! He then arrogantly talks about introducing Capeside to "college protest" because he's such an enlightened and cultured college student, you see?

Go die now, AJ

A random girl tells them to check out outside. They go and see a bunch of protesters holding up signs that are anti-Principal Green. Principal Green shows up and, head held high, walks past the protesters calmly and enters the school after offering for Joey to go first. Because he has class.

Gail and Dawson watch Hot Girl report the popular opinion instead of the truth as they work on her restaurant. Dawson talks about how proud he is of Joey and that he feels a part of it and I barf because he wasn't a part of her decision at all, all that confidence came from Pacey. Sit down, and shut up, Dawson. Gail complains about Hot Girl getting the story wrong and Dawson suggests that she report the real story herself. He can film it, of course. She agrees.

Next day, outside the Superintendent's office, Joey and her group are setting up their own protest. Joey laments the fact that she doesn't have that many people on her side and I'm getting super bored, you guys. You have no idea. Can we get to Pacephine, please? I want melodrama, not boring PTA, pseudo-political crap. Where's my fluff, show? WHERE'S MY FLUFF!?

I needs it...

Ugh, so AJ is still kind of a dick to Pacey, not outright or anything just...I don't know he has an "I'm better than you" attitude about him. Gail prepares to interview Joey and Hot Girl comes up and tries to belittle her before asking Joey for a follow up interview.

Go Joey!

Joey frustrates me by ignoring Pacey's advice and going for AJ's advice. Stop it, Joey. No one cares about AJ. Anyway, she goes in to see the Superintendent because AJ thought it would be a good idea. The Superintendent is a jack ass, Joey lies about how much support her cause has and how many signatures she's managed to gather but I don't think he's buying it because he basically pats her on the head and hurries her along back to school.

Is this episode over yet? I'm sooooo boooored!

Dawson and Gail show up at Principal Green's house to interview him. Principal Green is all stubborn and doesn't want to tell his side of the story. Kendra tries to convince her dad to talk but he sticks to his guns and remains silent.

So, so bored

At the Potter B&B, Pacey is pointing out that it was not a good idea to lie about how much support they have while AJ is just a tool who defends the fact that she had to lie to gain respect or some junk. Jack and Andie are trying to rally more people to come by posting on the Capeside web site about it and making phone calls. Jack has also designed posters which will be printed for them for free because Pacey talked the copy person into it because he's awesome. Joey is shocked to hear he did this and Jen totally has his back by reassuring Joey that he did. I love Jen.

Joey pisses me off further by gushing to AJ about how great he is for convincing her to do this rally and how she could never have done it without him and then she kisses him as a poor, dejected Pacey looks on. Jen tries to see if Pacey is ok but he plays it cool and runs off to hang up fliers.

Bessie has gotten a threatening phone call about how she'll lose business if she lets a bunch of high schoolers use her business to "fight the system". Joey doesn't understand this threat because she's super clueless sometimes and it pisses Bessie off.

Bessie and Joey argue in the kitchen about whether or not doing the rally is a good idea while Bodie plays referee between them. Bessie tries to make sure that Joey is fighting a logical cause and Joey points out that she is and that the parents wouldn't be half as upset in different circumstances. Bodie points out that it means that they wouldn't be gunning for Principal Green so hard if he were white, so I was totally right before. Capeside is an awful town full of awful, rich white people. Bessie gives up and storms off.

AJ apologizes to Joey about the awkwardness the rally has caused between her and her sister. Then he decides that this is the best time to totally bail on her because he is the worst. No, that is a lie, Dawson is the worst, always and forever, but AJ still sucks.

Whelp, excuse me while I bail on you when you need
me most, because I'm horrible and not Pacey at all

Pacey is angrily hanging posters up when Jen confronts him and asks if he wants to talk about what's bugging him, even though she totally knows already, thanks to Four to Tango but also because she's the best. Pacey tells her that he fell for the worst person he possibly could because she'll never reciprocate and now he feels like the Duckie. (That's a Pretty in Pink reference for all you millenials out there). Basically, Duckie is the friend of the girl who definitely doesn't get the girl in the end. Jen then asks him if he's going to let his hurt feelings and pride get in the way or if he's going to man up and be the most supportive, Duckie-like friend ever.

She's awesome, more Jen please!

Dawson and Gail are waiting to interview the Superintendent which Dawson doesn't want to do. Gail explains that she needs two sides of the story and that a good journalist doesn't pick and choose who's story to tell, they just ask the right questions. Cut to her interviewing the Superintendent who claims that he's looking out for the community in firing Principal Green. Gail gets him to read a document which states that the Superintendent's primary responsibility is looking out for the well-being of students. It's his contract as Superintendent, which he signed and there is no mention of him having to serve the community at all. He's been schooled by Gail. Yay, Gail!

But I'm still fucking bored

Kendra is leaving her house to go to the rally. Principal Green asks her where she is going and she tells him and tries to convince him to come but he refuses. Next.

At the rally, Jen points out to Joey how successful Pacey was at getting people to show up. Pacey then makes an announcement for her and introduces her to the crowd. Joey makes a speech on behalf of Principal Green and asks everyone to share positive stories about him. Andie and another student tell their stories and then Kendra has her say, just as Principal Green arrives.

Principal Green comes up to the stage to make his own speech. He basically thanks them but then says that he's not willing to budge and then leaves. So, thanks for standing up for me but I'm just going to get fired anyway. Thanks for fucking wasting my time, Principal Green. Fuck, this episode.

Jen approaches Pacey after the rally and commends him for being there for Joey in a true Duckie-like manner. She asks him how he feels and he says he feels like dog meat and is sad that Joey didn't even thank him. Jen tells him that she will, one day because every dog has it's day.

Awwwww! Can Jen be my best friend now?

Joey and Bodie are preparing to leave the rally and worried about how mad Bessie will be but TWIST! Bessie was at the rally and is totally proud of Joey. Sisterly love wins in the end.

The next day, Joey apologizes to Mr. Green (because he's no longer Principal) for not fighting for him hard enough and letting him down. Nice going, Mr. Green. He reassures her that he is super proud of her and thanks her for fighting for him. He then leaves the office with his things and walks down the hallway as a crowd of students clap for him. It's all supposed to be pretty bittersweet and a nice send off but it's actually just kind of a piss off.

This is the last we see of Kendra (Nikki on this show but she'll always be Kendra to me). It always irked me why they wrote her out this weirdly, with barely any focus on her or her supposed relationship with Dawson. Why would they write her out like this? Well, the answer will come in a few episodes but it's basically to justify how big an ass Dawson can be when certain things come to light but guess what? It won't justify it in the slightest because Dawson is still an insufferable douchebag with no right to be mad but I'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Moving on, Gail gets asked to tape an intro for her story at the station, since they want to run it, and is offered a sort of a job back. She turns it down because I guess she just wanted to quit them on her terms and she really does want to run a restaurant. Go figure. I'm still bored, by the way. Can you tell?

Finally we get to the good stuff and end this boring ass episode on a much needed Pacephine moment. Pacey is leading Joey to a place for a surprise. He hands her a paintbrush and confused, she asks if he bought her a paintbrush.

How does Joshua Jackson make 'lame-o' sound so adorable?

So, Joey is absolutely amazed and thrilled because he bought her a wall for her to paint on. She says that he always finds a way to challenge her in new and exciting ways and then she thanks him. Pacey smiles adorably and says that it's about time she thanked him. He then walks off and lets her figure out what she wants to do with her wall.

Thus endeth To Green, With Love which is quite possibly the most boring and dry episode of the series. Not sure because I haven't made it past season 3 of my rewatch yet, as I don't like to get too ahead of myself, but it's just got to be. This was no fun to watch and was a long and drawn out excuse to write out two side characters so that Dawson has reason to be mad in the future. You see, he couldn't be mad if he had a love interest around and...ok, I'll save this rant for later. It's still a dull episode and I'm glad it's over. Thankfully, we are getting to the juicy stuff now. Next episode is Cinderella Story, which introduces the worst child character ever. Stay tuned.

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