Hey internet, I’m Blinvy and this is my teenage wasteland. Here I will discuss movies and television shows of the teen market. It will be part nostalgia, part new insight as I plan to tackle the new and the old entries in this ever dominating genre.
Why talk about teen movies and shows, you ask? Well because they are normally feel good movies that offer a slice of what life was like when you were younger and less experienced and it's sometimes nice to take a look back at the way you used to view the world. Also, whether the movie or show is good or bad, you can always count on a good laugh. 
I don’t have a movie or show to talk about for this first entry, but I’m working on it, so I thought it would be a good intro to talk about how the teen genre came to be.
A long time ago, the movie industry was mainly made up of adult themed films, with glamorous women and dashing men. Sure there were family friendly movies out there and a few teen films here and there but it wasn’t until a plucky little sci fi film came out that the teen demographic was truly born.
Moooney, nerds will spend mooneey
Spend lots of moooneeey
to see this fiiiilm!

That film was, of course, Star Wars. Teens from all over America had never witnessed anything like it before and they plunked down their minimum wage paycheques or their allowance money to see this movie multiple times to gaze in amazement at the special effects and to escape their hum drum lives. So, naturally, movie producers took notice of this:


Kids had to rely on their parents to want to take them to the cinema, adults had other expenses to worry about and seeing a movie at the theatre was a rare treat. Teens, however, could drive themselves to the cinema and they have no bills to pay, no mouths to feed, except their own (which is covered by their parents anyways), no all they have is disposable income. What else are they going to spend their money on? Education? Hah! Who wants to spend their money on that when they can see two men fighting each other with light sabres again and again?
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

So it came to be that movie producers began creating movies geared specifically towards teenagers, each movie itching to rake in all that extra revenue and become more popular than the last. Some are good and some are bad, some are really, really bad and you get to experience them all with me. Or at least as many of these as I can write before I get sick of doing it.
This is my teenaged wasteland.

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